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Day of the Living Dead – An Engineers Observation of Our Fascination With Mobile Social Media

The iZombie apocalypse is upon us!  A link to the IEEE Spectrum Wireless issue. Worth the read

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Individual Branding Is Now the New Normal

How are you going to ensure that you stand out from your peer group when organizations are constantly shifting and rightsizing? Creating an individual brand has normally been left to C-suite and top entrepreneurs, yet individuals will now have to start developing their image much earlier in their careers to ensure they stand out for the right reasons.

Getting yourself noticed is finding a balance between expressing, sharing, and practically implementing your knowledge; and having the patience and empathy to listen to others opinion. It’s creating a trusted set of relationships where people want to ask your advice and opinion; and where you accept these questions with grace and respect. Companies aren’t only going to be looking for individual talent, but talent that is able to work effectively with other talented individuals without a need for personal recognition.

In creating your own unique brand you should consider the following 7 factors;

1. Develop a skill and talent you enjoy and be unrelenting and passionate to grow that talent

2. Understanding the principles and values that drive a successful business

3. Learn advanced communication skills and train yourself up in NLP that will give you the confidence and comfort when communicating with others

4. Be aware of your image at all times and everywhere you go, since you never know who you share an elevator, rest room, or public transportation experience with

5. Network effectively using social media and face to face venues – create a tagline for all communications that brands you as unique

6. Learn to be a good leader and a good follower

7. Extend Trust and become someone who can be trusted

It’s never too early to develop your own image and brand. Create those business networks that will mean your name is known for the right reasons when they are searching for the best in your field.

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